Eng. Nikola Belopitov is among the most remarkable representatives of the Bulgarian technical intelligentsia. A scientist, inventor, and public figure, he is a fine example of the best characteristics of highly educated, socially responsible and progressive Bulgarians born in the early XX century. A European by education and mentality, he is a devoted patriot who works hard to improve Bulgaria’s international reputation. He is personally involved in transforming Bulgaria from a preindustrial agricultural economy into a developed and modern state with an electrical industry.

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Founder of the electrical industry

“The construction assignments for the factories were made in two versions – one was official for the Ministry, which was lowered several times and the real one, used for the construction. All this was necessary because even the smaller assignments were considered to be ‘fantastic’. The Soviet comrades understood us, so they joined our ‘noble’ lie. “

Eng. Nikola Belopitov, Memoirs

Inventor and Innovator

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‘I will never forget how, when he was coming to work every morning, he was going around all the laboratories greeted with his typical greeting, raising right hand and saying, ‘Anything new?’ He was always eager to hear about some new research, an interesting result and invention and was ready to provide help for its further development and implementation.’

Academician Eng. Angel S. Angelov

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The man behind the name

In his memoirs, Academician Eng. Angel Angelov reflects, “Now we all aim towards Europe, but he was a European even back then – in upbringing, mentality and education. And he was a great patriot, I emphasize on a patriot, who gave his best to raise the scientific and technical image of Bulgaria to a world level. “

Young Years

To the Young Years

Many prominent Bulgarian public figures, politicians and scientists were born in Panagyurishte. Among them is Nikola Belopitov. The Belopitov family has been present in the city’s archives for generations: Todor and Yosif Belopitov were among the wealthy merchants of the city, Ivan Belopitov was a graduate of Robert College in Istanbul, Todor Belopitov was the secretary of revolutionary Georgi Benkovski.

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Political Activism

‘I was sure my days are numbered. It was snowy outside. The single cell of the Police Directorate was freezing cold. I was sleeping on the floor, wrapped in my coat. Among the heavy steps of the Hobnailed Boots down the corridor, you could often hear the light footsteps of the civilian police who were coming to take me, with my hands tight, for another interrogation with some extra ‘treatment’.’

Eng. Nikola Belopitov, Memoirs

Head of NIIS and NIIEP

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„When asked ‘Where do you work?’ the employees were not using the actual name of the institute but simply answering ‘I work for Belopitov’s Institute’ and everyone knew what they mean.“

Eng. Yordanka Vezireva

Никола Белопитов